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Demo WEKA Manager CE

In the demo version 2.6, you can familiarize yourself with all details of the software, including optional English or German user interface and project documentation. Please download the zip.Datei (340MB), unzip the file and run the WEKAStart.exe. To switch in English, choose: Optionen, Einstellungen, Sprache, Englisch.

Download Demo Version WEKA Manager CE


WEKA Manager CE English Version

The program guides you systematically through the entire CE process.

The interactive software is designed for you to approach the tasks in logical order:

1. Determining EC directives

You answer questions of the program and, in this way, find the regulations and the corresponding requirements which apply to your system, e.g. those of machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Determining EC directives


2. Researching standards

You know which standards are relevant due to a convenient search function.

Researching standards

3. Performing the risk assessment

Under the guidance of the software, you perform a risk assessment according to regulations in line with EN ISO 12100 - from determining the hazards and the necessary measures up to estimating of the overall risk.

Performing the risk assessment


4. Creating the instructions

Sample structures, templates etc. for machines, systems or partly completed machinery simplify also this task. Your benefit is that the structure meets the requirements of the new machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Creating the instructions

5. Documentation

With a few clicks, you create well-structured Word files, proving that you have provided all details required for the CE process.

documentation ce-process


The WEKA Manager CE guides you through the steps of the CE marking procedure (conformity assessment) for your product according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and other EC directives.

Download Demo:


Important new functions in version 2.1 include:

Hazard consequences linked to the MD Guide

The "Guide to the Application of the Machinery Directive" contains a multitude of information as well as recommendations on how to deal with certain hazard consequences. For this reason, in the new version, the individual consequences are linked to the relevant sections of the guide. That way, when specifying the protective measures, with a mouse click you can have the required information displayed on your screen.

Directive 2009/142/EC – Gas Appliance Directive

The Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC was added to the "EC Directives" tab. This makes it possible to check the relevance and the requirements of this directive as described.

Directive 2001/95/EC – General Product Safety Directive

It may often occur that your product is not within the scope of a specific EC directive. In such cases, the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC is usually applicable. It is enforced in Germany by the product safety law. In the fault tree, you will find special groups for such cases. They enable you to assess the risk as well as define document protective measures.

A, B, and C standards within the Machinery Directive

The new directory of the harmonized standards in accordance with the Machinery Directive lists for the first time which standards are classified as A, B, and C standards. On the "Standard Research" tab, you can preselect this classification by mouse click. This enables you to select the project standards quicker.

New editor: images, tables, and spell check

In version 2.1 the editor was extended so longer texts can be entered. You can now integrate tables and images there directly in addition to the previous options. An additional spell check function makes it possible for you to quickly and easily compile documentation without mistakes.

Create and use ANSI symbols with ease

On the tabs "Risk Assessment" and "Instructions", there is a function with which you can easily generate signal words according to ANSI Z.535.6. This makes it possible for you to place these signal words, acc. to ANSI Z535.6, in just seconds and in compliance with standards. The software only activates standard-compliant combinations. That makes over 400 combinations.